U Tape

Waterproof seaming tape

UTape has a solvent based natural rubber adhesive for unsurpassed adhesion and performance for the most demanding situations. Perfect for seaming temporary flooring outdoors or when the tape may come in contact with moisture.


  • Waterproof
  • Solvent-based natural rubber adhesive
  • Clean removal from most surfaces
  • Controlled unwind
  • GaffGun CoreLock technology


UTape is the perfect match with Protex-Products flooring solutions. When used with the GaffGun, it makes seaming temporary flooring a cinch.

Technical Specifications

  • Backing: UPVC film backing
  • Adhesive: Solvent-based natural rubber
  • Tensile strength: 45 lbs
  • Thickness: 2.2 mils
  • Peel adhesion: 15 oz/ inch
  • Maximum service temperature: 160F- short term

Stocking Details

  • Roll: 50 yards
  • Case: 3” (16 rolls)
Colors Widths
White 3"