No Easier Way
to Tape Cables.

Manually laying floor tape is one of the most tedious, time-consuming and painful jobs many of us have to deal with. But with the high cost of a trip or fall, safety has to be a priority.

Finally, there is a better way: introducing the GaffGun™. No Longer do you have to be on your knees or use excessive tape to make your cables secure.

The Gaffgun makes it easy to keep your floors safe.
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Taping just got fun

GaffTech offers a growing line of floor tapes. These tapes come with CoreLock™ technology, which ensures consistent results when used with GaffGun tape applicators. Whether you’re covering cables, seaming dance floors, marking your warehouse, or putting carpet tape down in your convention center, you can trust GaffTech tapes. When combined with the revolutionary GaffGun™, your taping jobs will be finished quicker, cleaner, and without all of the pain and effort of applying tape by hand.