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Staging & Theater

There is a lot of taping work that gets done on stages. The GaffGun™ easily lays a variety of theatre tapes, and does a beautiful job adjusting tension as needed. There is no cleaner or easier way to perfectly seam theatre floors together, clean up cables, or mark a stage. If you’d like to get back to why you got into staging to begin with, check out the GaffGun.


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Staging and Theater Tape

All the world’s a stage, Shakespeare once wrote. While that may be true metaphorically, Shakespeare had no inkling of how elaborate modern theater tape productions would become. With modern lighting, sound, and staging, you don’t want to be without the best gaffers theater tape products to avoid accidents or slips in your productions. We strongly encourage you to use GaffGun theater tapes as the best choice for production use.

  • It’s fast
  • It’s safe
  • It’s easy
  • It’s clean (no gunky residue)
  • It’s durable (and sometimes even reusable)

Spike Tape

GaffGun specializes in production and gaffers theater tape in many colors (black, white, yellow, and more), and tensile strengths. Our spike tape and gaff tape roller combine for quick, safe, and efficient application. Your production space will operate seamlessly during rehearsals and productions using our gaff theater tape. When selecting theater tape for work, it is best to do it right the first time. Start with the best gaffers theater tape on the market.

  • Securing cables
  • Marking stages
  • Splicing dance floors
  • Seaming dance floors