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The GaffGun™ makes taping easy and convenient, reducing the chance of potentially expensive trips and falls. And if you’re setting up and tearing down each week, the GaffGun is a remarkable time-saving device, dramatically reducing the time needed to set up. Save time, liability and retain volunteers with the help of the GaffGun.


Case Study:

Redeemer Church

“Being a new church, we rent a facility. And because we’re renting it, we have to set up and take down before and after our service,” says Lead Pastor Ryan Welsh. “There’s a lot of work to do on Sundays, so we’re always looking for ways to reduce set-up time and save costs.” Not only did the GaffGun save on set-up time, but it reduced the amount of tape Redeemer needed to use, as well. Perfectly centering cables underneath the tape meant Redeemer could use one strip instead of two, and because of the GaffGun’s consistency, there was less waste. Welsh says, “Our church is safer, looks cleaner, and we’re setting up and tearing down faster than ever before.”