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In racing, speed is everything. Are you wasting valuable time taping by hand? Every conference room, event space, garage, or pit that has extension cords, cables, or a need for floor tape is just more time spent on your hands and knees taping. Safety is important in racing, which is why teams and tracks around the world depend on the GaffGun™ to make taping a quick and easy process. 


Case Study:

Greaves Motorsport

The GaffGun is fast, but there are a few things faster than the GaffGun. A Nissan-powered Gibson 015S LM P2 prototype is one of them. And that’s what Greaves Motorsport is racing these days, proudly wearing the GaffGun logo on the side of each of their cars. The GaffGun now takes care of every taping job the Greaves’ team sees, including taping out the pits. “The GaffGun has been a really useful tool to us,” Greaves says. “We’ve been able to use it for a wide range of jobs. On average, we believe it saves us 60% of the time we previously spent on routing cables. We use it for marking out walkways, pit boxes, etc.”