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GaffGun™ Tape

GT Duct 500™ (Case)
from $ 150.00
GT Duct 500™ is a premium duct tape for use with the GaffGun. Great for all-utility purposes, it can be used for taping down cables, marking floors, taping down athletic mats, and anywhere else a utility tape product is needed. With a high tack an...
GT Double-Sided™ (Case) - DISCOUNTED
$ 75.00 $ 120.00 saving $ 45.00
GT Double-Sided™ is a high-quality, double-sided cloth tape on a plastic liner, used for holding down and mounting carpets; seaming polyethylene sheets for construction or abatement; and general-purpose uses in aircraft manufacturing and construct...
GT Duct 300™ (Case) - DISCOUNTED
$ 102.56 $ 152.00 saving $ 49.44
GT Duct 300™ is a cost-effective general purpose duct tape.  Perfect for bundling, patching, mending, color coding, general repair, and contractor uses. Designed with CoreLock™ to work with your GaffGun™, GT Duct 300 gives you another great way to...