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GaffGun™ Platinum Bundle
$ 558.00
The GaffGun™ Platinum Bundle incorporates every quality and innovative tool in the GaffGun™ inventory. This includes the GT Hardshell, Universal Core, all 4 floor guides, and extension handle. It will lay tape over cables, extension cords, rope, ...
Universal Core Adapter
$ 99.00
The Universal Core adapter is our latest addition of GaffGun™ innovation. You now have the option with this tool to choose between using our GaffGun™ CoreLock™ tape or a tape brand of your choosing. Each Universal Core comes with a 2" and 3" adapt...
The GaffGun™ Bundle
$ 309.00
The GaffGun™ bundle includes: GaffGun™, long extension handle, the small, medium, & large CableGuides, and a FloorGuide. *Does not include CoreLock™ tape. The GaffGun™ is the single greatest advancement in floor tape since gaffer's tape was i...
The GaffGun™ Pro Bundle
$ 359.00
The GaffGun™ Pro bundle includes: GaffGun™, Universal Core, long extension handle, and all 4 Cable Guides. *Does not include CoreLock™ tape. The GaffGun™ is the single greatest advancement in floor tape since gaffer's tape was invented. Saving ov...