Black Gaffers Tape

Black Gaffers Tape

Black gaffers tape has always been a standard and a favorite for stage, school, and other venues who need cables covered and secured. When prepping your school, venue, workspace, or stage for your use with gaffer tape, know that GaffGun has the perfect black gaffers tape for you, whether in black or one of our other popular colors.

GaffTech is a US-based adhesive tape and applicator company that sells products around the world. Whether you’re covering cables, seaming dance floors, marking a warehouse, or putting carpet tape down in a convention center, you can trust GaffTech.

Benefits of using our products include:

  • Quick application, especially when paired with GaffGun
  • Clean application
  • Less effort/pain in application
  • Safety for people who are working or attending the event

Gaff Tape

GaffTech now offers a full line of products for use with the GaffGun, and is available from reputable resellers in over 100 countries around the world. We offer most of our high quality black gaffers tape in several widths and quantities so you can buy per roll or per case prices for convenience. Buying adhesive pro gaff tape per case provides you a discount per roll.

Call it what you want – black gaffers tape, gaffers tape, gaffe tape, gaff tape, stage tape, waterproof electrical tape, M tape…we know that whatever you call it in your industry, as a gaffer, you need it to work, to adhere correctly to your cables and floors, and to be removable when you are done.

Our black gaffers tape product and accompanying GaffGun are the perfect accompaniment to your gaffer needs.

Pro Gaff Tape

We provide product for these industries and more:

  • Dance
  • Auto Racing
  • Church
  • Education
  • Audio/Video
  • Staging & Theater
  • Roller Derby
  • Industrial and Safety

Black Gaffers tape is available from GaffTech through one of our registered dealers or online through our website: Call 1-844-GAFF-GUN (423-3486). We usually ship within 1-2 days of receiving your order.

Have a question about black gaffers tape? Email us at with information about your application and we’ll help you decide.

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