Introducing the GaffGun

A better way to tape

The GaffGun™ is the revolutionary tape applicator that lays floor tape over cables. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the GaffGun both gathers cables and effortlessly lays tape over them. In addition, the GaffGun will applies various floor tapes for a variety of purposes. Whether you are seaming a dance floor, marking your warehouse, masking off an area, or laying double-sided carpet tape, the GaffGun is the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done.

The GaffGun is Cheaper Than a Fall

According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls constitue the majority of general industry accidents. Such accidents can result in back injuries, strains and sprains, contusions and fractures. OSHA explains that walking and working surfaces should be clear of objects that have the potential to cause a trip or fall, including electric wires and extension cords.

Built to Last

The GaffGun is hand-built to the highest standards using industrial-grade materials.

A CableGuide for Every Need

The GaffGun works based on a series of interchangeable CableGuides. Select the right CableGuide for the size and number of cables you’re taping, snap it in, and you’re ready to go.

Integrated CoreLock™

The Most Consistent Results.

CoreLock is designed to keep your tape centered, and give you the ability to adjust tape tension.


The GaffGun is the multi-purpose tool of tape applicators.
It performs many different taping jobs in many different industries.

“The GaffGun has been really useful to us. We’ve been able to use it for a wide range of jobs.”

- Greaves Motorsports

See all the different industries the GaffGun is changing

A Tape for Every Need

GaffTech offers a growing line of floor tapes. These tapes come with CoreLock™ technology, which ensures consistent results when used with GaffGun tape applicators. Whether you’re covering cables, seaming dance floors, marking your warehouse, or putting carpet tape down in your convention center, you can trust GaffTech tapes. When combined with the revolutionary GaffGun™, your taping jobs will be finished quicker, cleaner, and without all of the pain and effort of applying tape by hand.